Information governance

Information security and data protection policies


As the importance of data and information management increases, more businesses are turning to formal methods for ensuring that information assets within any organisation are managed legally, securely, efficiently and effectively. Information governance encompasses those information security and data protection policies and frameworks which outline acceptable behaviours for managing, organising and sharing information, processing data and files, as well as establishing individual roles, processes, standards and metrics where appropriate. As a business you will be fully aware of the importance of this and the impact that any mistakes can have on your organisation.

Information is a valuable business asset and taking the right approach means that confidentiality can be safeguarded, and data kept secure whilst allowing the right access to the right people in order for business tasks to be performed optimally. With the ongoing introduction of new legislation covering data protection, coupled with an increasing focus on preventing and reducing cyber threats, the adoption of formal information governance measures is becoming increasingly necessary. Failure to implement, adopt and adhere to the continuing evolution of regulatory organisational and technical could impact your organisation’s reputation.

Regardless of your organisation’s size, adopting formal methods for managing information governance including the inter-related activities of information security, data protection and personal information management is crucial; your staff should also be fully trained and aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats.
Our highly qualified team can help you implement the range of processes and systems that must be used by organisations to manage the information they hold and process.

Our service includes:

  • Implementing information security risk management arrangements, based best practice industry standards such as ISO 27005
  • Developing information governance policies and procedures
  • Advising on compliance with data protection legislation such as GDPR including the adoption of personal information management system (PIMS) standards such as BS10012:2017
  • Supporting organisations implementing cyber security cetification arrangements including Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME, PCI DSS etc
  • Helping organisations implement organisational and technical controls to reduce the risk of a compromise of confidentiality, integrity and available of key information
  • Assisting in the development of sub-contractor and supply-chain information security and data protection arrangements including data controller and data processor arrangements
  • Supply chain audits
  • Delivering briefings, presentations, mentoring and informal training
  • Data Protection Officerservices

Our consultants have extensive experience working at a senior level and an in-depth understanding of the industries we service – demonstrating credibilityand providing confidenceand reassurance.


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