Health and safety

The right thing to do


We all recognise that employers are required by law to safeguard the health and safety or their employees. However, health and safety in the workplace is more than just a box-ticking exercise. In addition to complying with legislation, adopting a health and safety culture and adhering to best practice guidelines is simply the right thing to do. Not only does it protect your staff but it can put you ahead of the competition in your customers’ eyes.

Our specialist team can guide you through what can sometimes seem like a minefield of legislation, regulations and guidance in order to adopt the best solutions for your business. We don’t simply provide you with the right documentation – we take time to understand your business and the risks it may face. We take a flexible approach ensuring that no matter what size your business is, you can implement the right and most cost-effective solutions for you.

Our service includes:

  • Managing hazard identification and advising on processes
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Compiling health and safety manuals
  • Carrying out independent health and safety audits
  • Managing accident investigation and reporting
  • Carrying out COSHH assessments
  • Delivering workplace safety tours
  • Delivering briefings, presentations, mentoring and informal training

Our consultants have extensive experience working at a senior level and an in-depth understanding of the industries we service – demonstrating credibilityand providing confidenceand reassurance.


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