The cornerstone of any successful business


We all understand that good corporate governance is the cornerstone of any successful business. It encompasses sound processes, practices and policies, depth of vision and due diligence in order to maintain the cohesiveness of an organisation. It holds a company accountable whilst helping to steer it away from pitfalls and towards its business purpose and it provides confidence to company leaders and shareholders.

Governance for start-up businesses

If you are a start-up business we understand that you may need to develop your processes and policies from scratch. Our experienced team can help you to identify the right solutions for your business, taking into account your business goals, current processes and organisational culture. We can help you to establish and integrate effective governance solutions, improving your company’s effectiveness and setting an appropriate framework that will grow with your organisation.

Governance for established organisations

If you are an established organisation you will already have your governance policies, processes and procedures in place. You may be seeking growth or managing organisational change and you may wish to optimise your current governance framework to reflect this. We can work with you to review your existing assurance arrangements, providing confidence through both formal and informal methods, reviewing current processes and practices and benchmarking against others. We can help you to optimise the feedback loop within your organisation; ensuring that the decisions you make and the processes and procedures you implement are fit for purpose. We can work with you to develop and integrate effective governance solutions, improving your Board’s effectiveness and your reputation amongst stakeholders, investors and shareholders.

How we work

We take the time to understand your business and your industry. We take a highly personal approach; considering your business vision and purpose, company culture, business plan, objectives and resources. We will work with you to devise and implement a tailored governance solution which aligns with your business needs and adheres to best practice.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

• Establishing or reviewing governance arrangements
• Developing integrated business management systems
• Delivering briefings, presentations, mentoring and informal training
• Chairing management review meetings
• Conducting Board and executive management reviews
• Developing and independently reviewing policies and documents
• Embedding reporting structures and systems
• Producing Terms of Reference for your Board or committees

Our consultants have extensive experience working at a senior level and an in-depth understanding of the industries we service – demonstrating credibility and providing confidence and reassurance.


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